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Graf Michael Sepperin

Michael Sepperin is an ageless man who has, through time and power, gained the title of Graf (Count) and grown to rule over his country. Not content with simply ruling that, he decided to conquer the rest of the world on a day approximately twenty years ago. While he was quite powerful on his own, he deigned it much easier if he had many minions at his beck and call. This led to the creation of the RosenkreuzStilette, an organization comprising (at first) himself and his daughter, Iris. For nineteen years, he kept his plans secret and watched over the land carefully, collecting young girls who showed supernatural abilities. In 2006, the last of the girls joined the ranks of the RosenkreuzStilette; in 2007, his plan launched into action.

The only girl to defect once his true intentions were revealed was Spiritia Rosenberg, the first non-Sepperin member of the organization. He deemed it an acceptable loss and pressed onward, despite the added threat of an enemy who knew all the inner workings of the project.

Iris Sepperin

Iris is the Count's biological daughter, sired in 1987. Michael doted on her excessively from her birth, ultimately resulting in her gaining an almost unparalleled knowledge of machinery. In the year between the arrival of the last Magi and Sepperin's plan going into action, she helped to personally train many of the Magi to fight more combatively. When Spiritia defected, Iris hatched a plan of her own and made it appear that she, too, had left the RosenkreuzStilette. Iris then lured Spiritia back to Castle Sepperin and made it seem like she had been kidnapped by one of Michael's pets; in reality, it was all just a ploy to make sure Spiritia began risking her life by attacking her friends.

Aside from her ability to construct nearly anything mechanical, Iris has a great amount of cunning and skill in deceit, which she picked up from her father's secretive nature during her formative years. There are some Magi who believe that Iris is actually the one running the show, but how could that be? After all, she's just a normal little girl.
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