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Spiritia Rosenberg
RKS001; Weapon: Seele Gewehr

Spiritia Rosenberg, b. 1985, was the first Magi to join the RosenkreuzStilette. At a young age, her powers manifested, beginning with her accidentally destroying anything she tried to pick up. Her parents soon grew tired of all the destruction and decided she needed guidance. They knew that Graf Michael Sepperin was one of the most powerful magic users in the land, so when Spiritia was seven, they brought her to the count in hopes that he would train her. He accepted, and she began a new life training in Castle Sepperin.

Her standard ability, the Seele Gewehr, allows her to release energy in the form of bullets. She also has a psychic ability that lets her immediately absorb and use an enemy's ability upon defeat.

Freudia Neuwahl
RKS002; Weapon: Freuden Stachel

Freudia Neuwahl was born in 1985 to parents who were good friends of the Rosenberg family. As a result, Freudia and Spiritia became close childhood friends, growing up together and developing a strong knowledge of one another. Freudia's power manifested at the same time as Spiritia's, but instead of wanton destruction, at first Freudia hid her power, only showing it to Spiritia. Her parents found out in an angry outburst after Spiritia left for Castle Sepperin. Freudia was forced to remain at home for a year, until eventually she raised such a fuss about being separated from her best friend that her parents sent her to the Castle simply to get some peace and quiet.

Her primary weapon, the Freuden Stachel, is her preferred way to channel her powers of environmental manipulation. To the fullest extent, she can isolate and freeze the water vapor in the air to make ice and snow appear out of nowhere and in any form. She also has limited psionic powers, allowing her to hover, teleport, and create functional copies of herself.

Zorne Sepperin
RKS003; Weapon: Zornes Bombe

Born in 1992, Zorne Sepperin became the third Magi when she was only three years old. Zorne's biological father had brought her to the mill where he worked on one day in 1995. In her infinite curiosity, Zorne ended up playing too close to the machinery, getting her left arm caught in a belt. Fortunately, Graf Sepperin was in town that day and able to heal Zorne's wound, but he could not reattach her severed arm. The biological father, not wanting to raise Zorne in an environment where she would have to deal with so many hardships, let Sepperin take the child. At the Castle, Graf Sepperin fashioned for Zorne a metallic claw that, at the time, did not have any special powers imbued within it. As she grew and began to accept Sepperin as her father, he constantly reconstructed her prosthetic arm and eventually imbued it with the ability to create bombs.

The only Magi with a custom weapon, Zorne's claw can generate bombs at will. She has no supplemental psychic abilities.

Trauere Wrede
RKS004; Weapon: Klage Harnisch

19-year-old Trauere joined the RosenkreuzStilette when she was 7. Her parents had always pushed her to be an excellent swimmer, and her prowess showed through countless first-place awards even at a young age. Her highly competitive spirit got Graf Sepperin's attention and led to him requesting her presence at the Castle. He promised her parents that she would play a part in the greatest competition of all time with a first-place award that every single person in the world would come to appreciate. With the potential for so much glory, Trauere's parents gladly handed her to Sepperin. The competition would not come for another twelve years, but he began training her all the same, teaching her the ways of fighting with the spear, a weapon of her choosing. It was not until a few years at the Castle that Trauere's Magi powers manifested.

Her powers are similar to Freudia's, though not as extreme. She can cool the vapor in the air to produce water, which she prefers to turn into midair whirlpools. She can hover a few inches above the ground and can spend significantly more time underwater than the average person.

Luste Teuber
RKS005; Weapon: Lust Atem

For a long time, Luste was the youngest of the RosenkreuzStilette, though rather than joining, it's more accurate to say that she was thrust upon Castle Sepperin in 1997. The child proved especially rambunctious and was almost too much for her parents; when her powers manifested at the age of three, that was the line. Iris Sepperin (the Count's ten-year-old daughter) found Luste attempting to destroy the castle gates and took her in. Efforts to curb Luste's spirit ended disastrously, so in the end, Iris and Michael let her do whatever she wanted as long as she didn't hurt her fellow Magi. This... might not have been the smartest thing to do.

Luste has the ability to form blades of energy and fire them in any direction. Her psychic ability allows her to reduce the hold of gravity on her body, letting her appear to fly and giving her increased jumping capabilities.

Grolla Seyfarth
RKS006; Weapon: Groll Schwert

Grolla Seyfarth was born in 1987 and joined the RosenkreuzStilette in 1998, at the same time as one of her closest childhood friends, Sichte Meister. Grolla's father was a swordsman, but spent most of his time working on his own technique rather than training his only protégé. This was not enough to deter Grolla, though, and as soon as she was strong enough to lift a sword, she began watching her father closely and teaching herself how to use it. Sichte convinced her to run away to they didn't know where, so Grolla took her sword and left home. The two of them soon came across Castle Sepperin, where they were happily taken in, given food, and treated as equals.

Iris taught Grolla how to focus energy through her blade to create shock waves. She developed this ability and learned to create more when weak. She has no supplemental psychic abilities.

Sichte Meister
RKS007; Weapon: Die Geplante Zukunft

Sichte Meister joined the RosenkreuzStilette at the age of twelve, making her one of the oldest initial members (with only Freudia and Spiritia surpassing her). This has led to her taking up the position of den mother to the youngest members. Like Grolla, she was born in 1987, but her abilities, natural or otherwise, did not manifest until she was already at Castle Sepperin. Sichte's parents were very successful and powerful people and claimed only to want the best for their daughter. What they thought was best for her was, naturally, nothing like what she wanted to do. As a final act of rebellion, Sichte gathered her belongings and visited her friend Grolla to convince her to run away from home. The two of them left their homes and came across Castle Sepperin, where they were welcomed with open arms.

Sichte has the ability to halt all kinetic motion in any given area (excepting herself), which appears to stop time. She can also fire energy bullets and cause several knives to manifest out of nowhere, but only when time is stopped. She has no additional abilities and doesn't really need any.

Liebea Palesch
RKS008; Weapon: Liebes Sturm

Soft-spoken, pacifistic Liebea was born in 1990 and was the first Magi of the new millennium, joining RosenkreuzStilette in 2001. Her family was very religious, with fighting and causing undue harm to others being forbidden. Liebea was raised to let her emotions out whenever they bothered her; one day, though, she noticed that the moment she began to cry, it started to rain outside. This happened far too many times to be a coincidence, which led to her parents believing she was blessed. The entire family made the decision to go to Michael Sepperin and see if he would let her study at his cathedral, an offer which he accepted graciously. Against her wishes, Liebea was taught how to cause harm to other people through her ability, thanks to Iris. Her parents still believe that she is doing good at the castle.

Liebea has an ability that manipulates the environment, causing it to rain at her will. If threatened, she will let out a short burst of energy to damage and repel attackers. She would much rather not fight and remain friendly with as many people as possible, though.

Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle
RKS009; Weapon: Geister Wand

Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle, or Schwer, is the newest and youngest of the RosenkreuzStilette with only one year of experience in her ten years alive. Growing up, she always kept to herself and hid in her pajamas whenever she could. The one day of the year she shone was April 1st, when she finally got to laugh at everyone looking silly in return for everyone who laughed at the way she looked. Her pranks drew the attention of the wrong kind of people -- namely, Iris Sepperin, who was desperately searching for an eighth Magi to fulfill the plans her father had put into place. The two girls met in an isolated area and, to test Schwer, Iris attacked her. Schwer immediately summoned a shield around her, which was enough evidence for Iris; Schwer was kidnapped and taken to Castle Sepperin with little protest.

Schwer can defend herself with a circular shield of maces. One of the toys Iris gave her to console her was a squid that gained magical properties from being in touch with Magi; it can shoot ink that blinds her enemies and lets her play tricks on them.
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