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The Pauper of the Surf, the Jester of Tortuga

RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel edition, starring Freudia Neuwahl, is currently in production. Several new characters have been announced, though information on them is limited at this point.

Freudia Neuwahl
RKS002; Weapon: Freuden Stachel

Freudia Neuwahl is returning for RKS Freudenstachel Edition as the main character. As the playable character, she may exhibit powers similar to Spiritia's.

Strudel is a faerie and will likely serve a similar purpose to Lilli in the first game -- that is to say, she will be the Beat analogue. She was designed by shizuku.
Dolis Warmind
RKS010; Weapon: Fessel Spirale

Dolis is a Magi who seems to attack like Tengu Man. It's possible she will take the place of Grolla from the last game and be playable in an alternate mode. She was designed by Hichitsu-kun.

Pamela Arwig
RKS011; Weapon: Weiß Silber

Pamela seems to wield a fencing sword of some kind as her primary weapon. She was designed by alphes.
Eifer Skute
RKS012; Weapon: Eifer Stachel

Eifer's weapon is largely unknown, though it may be similar to Freudia's. She was designed by zaku6.
Schirach Fühler
RKS013; Weapon: Licht Faust

Schirach seems to use a mallet as her primary weapon, though it may just as easily be a scythe. She was designed by Tatei.
Lecht and Rink Refraktia
RKS014, 015; Weapon: Falsche Gestalt

These twins may have some sort of symbiosis that makes them similar to Gemini Man from Megaman 3. They were designed by REDMOON.

Rumors are also persistent regarding RKS016, Axelle Blitzdonner, designed by Mint Mania IIDX. No picture is available at this time.
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